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Shrimp Recipes

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There are times when a simple fish sandwich is just what you want, but other times when you are feeling really hungry and want something a little more filling. This recipe is made with tilapia, a homemade tomato and shrimp sauce, bread, and your favorite side dishes, so it is perfect for a hearty lunch or for a comfort food dinner.

The tilapia and shrimp may be fresh or frozen, but if you plan to use thawed seafood ensure it is fully thawed and pat it dry with paper towels, since seafood holds on to a lot of water when frozen. The tilapia is flavored simply with salt and black pepper, although many people like to add chili powder and/or paprika for a bit of a kick. It is pan-fried in olive oil until perfectly cooked. Make the sauce while the fish is cooking.

For the sauce you need tomatoes, green onion, garlic, lemon juice and clam juice. The sauce goes on the bread and then it is topped with the tilapia. You can then put the other piece of bread on to make a closed sandwich, or present it as an open sandwich instead, like in the photo. Toasting the bread before adding the sauce means the sauce should not soak through the bread right away and make it soggy, although you might want to eat this with a knife and fork since it can be messy! This unusual dish teams tilapia with shrimp – both economically priced seafood options, especially if purchased frozen. Continue reading

The next time you are thinking of ordering Chinese takeout, wait! Did you know you can make your own special fried rice quickly and easily? You will need rice which has been cooked a day (or more) in advance. Using freshly cooked rice means you will end up with a mushy mess rather than the perfect shrimp fried rice recipe.

You will also need shrimp (or swap that for cooked shredded chicken or even chopped ham if you prefer) plus vegetables, sesame oil, soy sauce and eggs. Consider adding a pinch of 5-spice powder if you have some, or even a minced garlic clove when you add the vegetables, else just make the recipe as it is. You can rustle up this Chinese dish in about 20 minutes, or less, and this recipe makes enough for 6 people (or 4 very hungry ones!)

If you do want to switch up the protein, consider slow-cooking some chicken or pork in hoisin or teriyaki sauce, then shredding it, and using that instead of the shrimp. A lot of special fried rice recipes feature more than one protein, so if you want to use pork or ham along with the shrimp, go ahead. This dish originated as a way of using up leftover rice, meat and veggies, so feel free to throw anything in there. Some people prefer to add peas instead of green beans, for example, or you can throw in some chopped leftover vegetables from your dinner the night before. Continue reading

Seafood is endlessly versatile. Serve it as an appetizer, entrée or snack. Enjoy it in a Mediterranean, Asian or another style. Try adding it to pasta or risotto, or try the following recipe if you want a crunchy taste of Italy. We are using shrimp, mussels and squid here, along with other ingredients to make this exquisite seafood pizza.

You will need a pizza crust for this, or you can use your own dough. A whole wheat pizza crust would be good here, or else you could just use a regular one. Along with the seafood, we are using tomato sauce, dill weed, garlic, goat’s cheese and olives to top this pizza. You can use any kind of tomato sauce, and omit the olives if you want. Also, feel free to swap the goat’s cheese for mozzarella, or leave off the garlic.

The pizza is first topped with the tomato sauce, then baked in the oven. Meanwhile you can prepare the selection of toppings. Then add all the other ingredients and bake it in the oven again. You will be able to tell when the pizza is done because the crust will be golden brown and the seafood will be warm. You do not have to get the seafood hot (and in fact that might dry it out) but get it nice and warm, and allow the cheese to melt, then the pizza is ready to serve. Either make one large pizza or 3 or 4 individual pizzas if you prefer to have individual ones. Continue reading

This hearty chowder is rich and creamy. It is made with various kinds of seafood. To get a nice balance, we are using clams, fish filets, shrimp, scallops, and calamari or baby octopus, but this is good with any kind of seafood, so you could use more fish filets and less seafood, or even a thawed package of raw mixed seafood if you prefer to do that.

In addition to the seafood, we are using cream cheese, milk and condensed cream of mushroom soup to get a nice creamy base, along with green onion, corn, carrots and potatoes to make it heartier. We are using garlic, cayenne and black pepper to add more yummy flavor. It is your choice whether to use whole, reduced fat or nonfat dairy in this recipe, and you might also with to try a different flavor of cream soup, such as cheese or celery.

This is a simple dish to prepare, and you can get started right away by combining the cream cheese, garlic and milk, before adding the vegetables and flavorings. Then the chowder is allowed to simmer for a while, so take that time to prepare your seafood by removing any bones or skin, cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned, and chopping anything which is too large like the calamari or fish filets. The seafood will only take about 10 minutes to cook so that goes in near the end of the cooking time. This chowder is great served with bread or crackers. Continue reading

This makes a fantastic dinner for a family of four. Everyone will love the combination of mussels, shrimp and fish in this creamy pie, along with the leek and dill weed. Topped with a layer of cheese and then a layer of creamy mashed potato, this is a winning dish. You can even add a layer of chopped hard-cooked eggs between the cheese and potatoes.

This is actually a very simple dish to make, and you are going to make it in layers. First you have the creamy fish and seafood mixture and then the cheese. The mashed potatoes go on top. Make the mashed potatoes first and blanch the leeks too, then prepare the fish and seafood sauce. Get the oven nice and hot and you can spoon the fish mixture and other layers in to a baking dish. Use a spoon or fork to make patterns in the mashed potato topping.

This needs to cook until it is piping hot and the mashed potato is beginning to turn golden brown on top and crisp at the edges. This is going to be very hot as soon as it comes out of the oven so let it rest for 15 minutes. Although this dish may be served just as it is, you might want to consider some broccoli, corn on the cob or green peas on the side, just to add some more color to the plate. Feel free to use any kind of fish you want. Tilapia and cod in place of the salmon would work, or you can swap the mussels for scallops or the shrimp for imitation crab if you want to. Continue reading

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