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The Very Best Fish Recipes

There are so many fish recipes to choose from that simply choosing one would not be enough. Why not browse our recipes and see which recipes for fish catch your eye? If you are a beginner in the kitchen, and especially where cooking fish is concerned, you will probably be looking for an easy fish recipe. All of our recipes are suitable for both beginner cooks and proficient ones and there is nothing overly complicated.

Which fish recipes come into your mind when you consider the exciting world of fish, seafood, and shellfish? For many people, the idea of being able to make classic fish recipes is an attractive one. Grilled fish recipes like lime-grilled red snapper or grilled tuna are found in some of the best restaurants and these are really easy to recreate in your kitchen.

Fish soup recipes such as chowder are also popular and one of the advantages here is that you can use any fish and seafood you happen to have. Chowder makes a warming meal, which is ideal for the cooler months. If you fancy something light, what about making a Latin ceviche recipe? There is not even any cooking involved with this one, so it is perfect for warmer days when you do not want to stand over a hot stove or have the oven on.

Fish Recipes for Dinner Parties

Fish appetizers are another nice idea and if you want to make impressive little treats for a dinner party, what about tuna patties? Fish croquettes are always popular at buffets and you can make any kind of dipping sauce you want, to serve with them. Salmon wontons are deliciously different but also temptingly easy to prepare.

If you want to serve something elegant for the entree at a dinner party, there is plenty of choice. Salmon is a favorite and you can also make impressive tuna recipes. Choose from flavorful grilled fish, delicate poached fish, mouthwatering pan-fried fish, or any one of our other exciting possibilities.

Fish Recipes for Family Meals

If you are looking for hearty fish recipes to satisfy your family, you might not want impressive, dinner party style dishes. We also have plenty of good fish recipes which are flavorful enough to wow everyone in family but simple enough for you to prepare without any problems. Baked fish recipes are usually easy and examples include baked cod fish casserole, halibut fish tacos or Dijon salmon.

These dishes can be prepared quickly and then you just need to put them in the oven. Some of our baked fish recipes are complete meals and others might need a simple side dish like mashed potatoes or vegetables or salad, depending on the ingredients in the fish recipe.

Trying New Types of Fish

Most people have had salmon, tuna, cod, and the most common fish but not everybody has tried flounder, tilapia, grouper, or halibut. You might be reluctant to buy an expensive fish and cook it, only to discover you do not like it but there is a way around this.

Why not buy a few small pieces of each fish and fry or bake them together? You will then be able to taste them and find out which you like. If you have some left over, you can make a fish soup or stew recipe with it. If there is something you do not like, at least you will only have a small portion to find a use for, (and your cat will love you!).

If you already know that you enjoy firm-fleshed white fish like cod, you should enjoy similar meaty fish such as halibut and monkfish. If you like delicate fish such as sole, you should also like hake and whiting. Some people love all fish and others cannot stand any fish so if you already know that fish is something you enjoy, why not go ahead, and be adventurous? Pick out a new type of fish, something that you have not tried before, and make a tasty fish recipe using it.

Classic Flavor Combinations

Trying new fish recipes is exciting but using classic ingredients to make traditional fish dishes is also nice. A lot of fish recipes have stood the test of time because they are simple enough to make their preparation a joy, while being tasty enough to remain in our hearts forever.

Popular additions to fish recipes include garlic, white wine, butter, parsley, and lemon juice. Some recipes might call for two or three of these ingredients and others will not call for any but these are examples of ingredients which suit the flavor of most fish and you are likely to see these classic flavors in many fish recipes.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best fish recipes and happy cooking!


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