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The Very Best Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp is a beautiful-tasting ingredient and you can make all kinds of amazing shrimp recipes with it, ranging from appetizers to entrees, soups, salads, and more. There are homemade shrimp recipes for every palate, and shrimp comes in different sizes and varieties.

More About Shrimp

The word shrimp is sometimes used interchangeably with “scampi” or “prawn” although technically these are not the same. Scampi is often shrimp cooked in garlic and butter, and prawn is freshwater shrimp or large saltwater shrimp. There are various species of shrimp and they come in different sizes.

Shrimp are categorized by how many you get in a pound. You get about 100 miniature shrimp to a pound, 36 to 45 small, 31 to 35 medium, 21 to 30 large, 16 to 20 extra-large, 11 to 15 jumbo, or up to 10 colossal. When you are buying shrimp, look at the packaging to see how many shrimp are in the package. The larger the shrimp, the more expensive they usually are (this is not always the case though). Some recipes specify what kind of shrimp you need and others will let you decide.

For decorative purposes you might like to buy shrimp with the tails on and serve them that way. Shrimp are available all year round, and you can purchase them fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, and shelled or unshelled. You can also get dried shrimp, which are often used in Asian recipes, shrimp pasta, shrimp sauce, and various other shrimp products.

Easy Homemade Shrimp Recipes

If you are new to working with shrimp, pick out some simple shrimp recipes, to give you the confidence to make more challenging ones later on. You might like to begin with a basic shrimp salad recipe or perhaps a seafood soup with shrimp.

Shrimp can be used instead of chicken, fish, or another kind of protein, in recipes such as tacos, fajitas, oriental salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. If you fancy something a bit different, why not swap your chicken salad for a shrimp salad, or your fish tacos for shrimp ones?

Shrimp recipes are popular all over the world, and include such delights as Creole shrimp, curried shrimp, Asian shrimp soup, and Mediterranean shrimp dishes. You can even make appetizers like popcorn shrimp or shrimp toast. Hot and hearty shrimp recipes make wonderful winter warmers, or you can make a chilled shrimp salad or perhaps some shrimp sushi if you want to taste the summer.

Shrimp Recipes for Families

There are plenty of shrimp recipes you can choose from if you are feeding a hungry family. You can either add some shrimp to your favorite fish or seafood dish, add it to an otherwise vegetarian dish, swap chicken or another meat for shrimp, or follow one of our great shrimp recipes to make something your family will love.

What about marinating some shrimp, threading them on skewers, and grilling them to succulent perfection? Grilled shrimp goes well with a green salad, or perhaps some potato salad or coleslaw.

Shrimp Recipes for Special Occasions

If you are entertaining dinner guests, then you will want to make extra-special shrimp recipes. Perhaps you want to make an elegant appetizer. Shelling shrimp but leaving the tails on and boiling them means you can serve the shrimp with a dipping sauce and your dinner guests can use the tail-end as a “handle” to pick up the shrimp. Larger shrimp are better for this type of appetizer.

Shrimp is lovely with salad ingredients such as avocado, cheese, pineapple, and all kinds of salad leaves, so you can get creative and make a delicious shrimp salad instead if you prefer. Shrimp soup is also very tasty, and there are various styles ranging from clear and light to thick and creamy.

Maybe you want to serve the shrimp as the entrée rather than as an appetizer, in which case what about making a seafood pasta dish, or a shrimp risotto. Shrimp can work out expensive if you are using large shrimp and feeding a crowd, so depending what you are making you might want to use a variety of seafood and fish, rather than just shrimp, to make it go further.

The best shrimp recipes are those which you personally enjoy making and eating, and everyone has their own idea about what the best shrimp recipes are. Some people like to keep things simple so they can enjoy the true shrimp flavor, and others like to experiment with different spices and seasonings. There are shrimp recipes for everybody, no matter which types of cuisine you prefer and what kinds of flavors you most enjoy. Shrimp is easy to work with and you can make amazing shrimp recipes with it.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best shrimp recipes ever and happy cooking!


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