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Cold Crab Salad

This is a great cold crab salad that you can quickly toss together. Let it chill and before you know it you have a great recipe that can be served anytime. This colorful crab salad can be made with either real crab or imitation crab. While they will taste slightly different depending on your choice, both versions are very good. Fresh crab is delightful in season; if you want this salad on a budget, try the imitation version. It tastes great, too.

Serve this delicious cold crab salad as an appetizer in small cups or on lettuce leaves, as a light lunch or as a side dish at dinner. It is perfect for potlucks, picnics and get togethers. This is a wonderful salad to make for a crowd since it is so simple. This versatile crab salad recipe will fast become a favorite. You can toss it together in minutes, and then just let it chill. This frees you up to work on other dishes, get ready for a party, or attend to other details.

All the ingredients are readily available year round, so go ahead and make this refreshing salad for holiday meals, informal gatherings or fancy parties. It is suitable for any situation. If you do not care for bell pepper, you can replace it with a yellow tomato to get the same color combinations. The eye appeal of this salad is enormous. No one will be able to resist trying it when it looks so good. Continue reading

Grapefruit has a naturally sharp flavor, which contrasts well with this crab salad recipe. You can make an imitation crab salad recipe or use fresh crab. The tarragon and cilantro add freshness and subtle herb flavors while the oil fuses everything together. The pine nuts are optional but they do add texture to this tasty cold crab salad with grapefruit recipe.

You can use either white grapefruit or pink grapefruit segments. Canned grapefruit segments are easier to use but feel free to use a fresh grapefruit if you have one. Pink grapefruit are usually a bit sweeter than white grapefruit; they will add a little more color to the finished salad, too. The citrus provides a pleasant burst of flavor in your mouth with every bite. If you do not have grapefruit, you could try this salad with mandarin segments as a change of pace.

This cold crab salad with grapefruit is simple to make and tastes wonderful. You can put this salad together in minutes, just make sure you have time to chill it so the flavors have a chance to meld together. This is a great salad to make when you need to make your food ahead of time. Serve it scooped into lettuce leaves or on slices of baguette for an appetizer, or use it for a lunch or dinner side dish. This is a refreshing salad that makes a great dish during warm weather. You do not need to cook or anything to enjoy this recipe. Continue reading

Creating the Best Cold Crab Salad Recipe

There are a lot of different cold crab salad recipes available. To make the most of your choice, try to use the freshest ingredients you can find. Use crabs that are known for their flavor, like Dungeness or Alaskan King Crab. Use fresh herbs, vegetables and other ingredients to make the most of your salad. Even if you are using imitation crab, you can make sure you use it shortly after purchase and surround it with other delicious ingredients.

Types of Crab Salad

You can find cold crab salad recipes that use fresh vegetables like lettuce as a main ingredient; you can also find them that use pasta. Some are mostly crab while others use the crab almost as an accent. The type of crab salad you choose is up to you and what you have in mind. Perhaps you want a salad that will work well at a picnic, or perhaps you need one that you can make ahead of time. All of these factors will come into play when it is time to choose your recipe.

Serve one with plenty of mayonnaise in a wrap or between 2 slices of bread, or use it to top a baked potato. If you are making a salad with plenty of greens then just serve it on a chilled plate for a wonderfully refreshing appetizer or main dish. Perhaps you want to add pineapple or another fruit to the crab mixture, or what about some fresh herbs or a tangy citrus accent? The sky is the limit with this lean, tasty seafood ingredient, and you can either follow a cold crab salad recipe, tweak it, or even make up your own after making some classic ones.

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